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Recipes mentioned in my journals:

Apple pie

Everybody has their favorite apple pie recipe, and this is mine. Raisins and almonds give it a unique character.

Easy lattice crust

Think lattice crusts are too much work? Try this "no-weave" version. it looks great, but it's a snap to do.

Chocolate banana cream pie

Surprise your friends with this five-minute dessert that looks as if it took much longer.


Dangerously chunky nut & raisin cookies

Loaded with chunky goodness... that's the way the cookie crumbles!

Mexican chicken

Festive, delicious and impressive, wrapped in crackling pastry sheets... yet not at all hard to make.

Parmesan biscuits

Quick and easy (notice how that's a theme here?), but with an indescribably delicious cheesy aroma.

Pesto sauce

Nothing beats freshly made pignolia/basil/Parmesan pesto sauce. Nothing.

Broccoli soup

Cream of broccoli soup

Rich, smooth, with just a hint of pepper—the perfect cold-weather soup.

Southwestern cornbread

Not your typical sticky-sweet Deep South style cornbread; this New Mexican recipe is robust and flavorful, with plenty of cheddar cheese and just enough green chilis to give it a little zip.

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