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A new home

A year of full-time RVing in Gertie, my 22' 1985 Lazy Daze motorhome, convinced me that this was the life for me—a more interesting and more enjoyable life than I'd ever had. By the summer of 2006, I knew I wanted to continue fulltiming indefinitely...but I needed a home with a little more room than Gertie, and I wanted a rig that would last me for the next ten or twenty years. So I bought a 2003 Lazy Daze, a 26.5' midbath model with four more feet of space than Gertie. Four feet doesn't sound like much, but it made a world of difference, as you'll see.

I moved all my worldly goods into the new rig—well, except for the stuff that was in storage back in New Jersey. I sold Gertie to a good friend of mine, who renamed her "Second Wind" and took her back to the east coast. And then I got busy upgrading and modifying my new home to match Gertie's features and to suit my needs: removing a couch, adding a desk, upgrading the solar power from 85 watts to 500...

It's not a bird

My last rig was named after an animated dinosaur. Where did the name "Skylark" come from? The Skylark of Space Well, as it happens, years before I bought this coach I had decided that my next rig would be called "Skylark." Not after the bird, mind you—although it's one of nature's more agile flyers—but after the "Skylark of Space," the spaceship that gave its name to the classic science fiction novels by E.E. "Doc" Smith: "The Skylark of Space," "Skylark Three," "Skylark of Valeron" and "Skylark Duquesne."

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Written from the Twenties through the Sixties, these books arguably created the genre now known as "space opera." They're fast, they're breezy, they're wildly imaginative, and they are lifelong favorites of mine.

Also a favorite, by the way, is Hoagy Carmichael's haunting 1941 tune "Skylark"... another good reason for the name.

So this is the story of my travels in Skylark... and of course, the enhancements I've made along the way. I hope you enjoy it!



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