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Last updated 8 November 2002

AC adapters

When you're taking pictures, you're most likely going to be running on batteries. The Battery page has a wealth of hints and tips for finding the best batteries and making the most of them. But when transferring images to the computer or watching them on TV, you'll probably want to run on AC power and save your batteries. The Apple and Fuji adapters (interchangeable) are long out of stock, but fortunately, Radio Shack has addressed this need. Their latest catalog lists item number 273-1695, a 6VDC/800mA AC adapter priced at $15.49. This very reasonably priced adapter works fine with these cameras. polarity diagramYou'll need to choose the 4.0mm x 1.7mm (yellow) connector and make sure the connector tip is positive. Double-check this before you connect to your camera!

Reader Joseph Sugoi found a $15 solution at his local Wal*Mart: a "Power Line DIGITAL Universal AC Adapter Platinum Series." He adds, "Just make sure you get the voltage and +/- right on it, and it'll work great. This is a very high quality product!"

Need an AC adapter for use in countries where 220V AC current is the norm? Radio Shack has these also. Item number 273-1762 (plus the appropriate mains plug) should do the trick for a modest US$21.99.

DC power plug

If you're searching for a generic AC adapter for the QuickTake 200/DS-7, here are the specs to look for: 6VDC (plus or minus a volt and a half) at 1 to 1.5 A (1,000-1,500 mA). You'll need more current at lower voltages: for example, the manual says at 4.5V, the minimum you can get away with, you'll need 1.75 A (1,750 mA). For those interested in the technical details, Martin Rommel has supplied real-world current consumption figures. The adapter you buy must also have the correct DC power plug (4.0 x 1.7 mm) and—most important!—the correct polarity (positive tip, negative shield). If you're handy with a soldering iron and you find an adapter than meets the voltage and current requirements but has the wrong tip, you can replace its connector with Radio Shack's #274-1532 DC power plug, pictured above at left.

One last note: if your QuickTake 200 or DS-7 runs fine on its built-in batteries, but dies when you try to connect an AC adapter or external battery to it, you may have a blown fuse in the camera. For details, see the Troubleshooting page.

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If you have tips or suggestions about either of these two cameras, or if you've found any accessories I haven't mentioned here, send email to Andy Baird so I can put the information on this page.

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