Current consumption

Last updated 23 December 1999

J. Martin Rommel was kind enough to make accurate measurements of the QuickTake 200's actual power consumption with various operating modes and supply voltages. Of course, it's always wise to allow a safety factor, but these are the real-world numbers on which you can base your choice of a power adapter.

Voltage storing picture LCD + CCD LCD turned off* LCD only ("play" mode) PC mode
4.5 VDC 1,270 mA 1,190 mA 890 mA 860 mA 840 mA
6.1 VDC 860 mA 810 mA 620 mA 600 mA 590 mA
7.6 VDC 800 mA 750 mA 580 mA 570 mA 560 mA

* pressing the Action button twice turns off the LCD's power-hungry backlight in the QuickTake 200. As far as I know this feature is missing from the Fuji DS-7...more's the pity, since it makes a big difference in battery life.

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