Oliver Lee Memorial

Campsites: 44

Elevation: 4,300 feet

Nearest supplies: Alamogordo 16 mi.

Nearest state parks:

Leasburg Dam 95 mi. SW

Percha Dam 135 mi. W

Caballo Lake 139 mi. W


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Comments: One of New Mexico's most scenic parks, nestled against a mountainside. Good Verizon signal; very hard water. There's lots to see in the area: the park's visitor center has excellent historical and natural-science displays... and then there's the Space Museum and IMAX theater in Alamogordo, White Sands, Cloudcroft, the Three Rivers petroglyph site, and more. Avoid this park during Spring Break, as it fills up fast.

As of early 2014, there's a usable Verizon LTE/4G internet signal here.

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