New Mexico State Parks

This iPhone/iPod Touch web application is a pocket reference about the New Mexico state parks that permit camping, with an emphasis on RV camping. For more information, see the official NM State Parks web page.


• To add this app to your iPhone/iPod Touch home screen, tap the "+" at the bottom center of this screen, and choose "Add to Home Screen."

• To see a page of information about any park, tap its name on the list of parks, or in the "Nearest State Parks" list of any page.

• To sort by name, elevation (highest to lowest), or dump station availability, tap the "Park," "Elev," or "Dump" heading on the list of parks. (Elevation is a pretty good indicator of climate, so it's a good way to choose a park that suits the season.)

• To get back to the list of parks, tap the arrow at the upper left of any park's information page.

• To see a map of New Mexico, tap the folded-map icon.

• To see a page of information about any park, tap its name on the map. You can zoom in and out of the map by pinching and spreading.

• The "Official web page" link on each park's page will take you to the New Mexico State Parks Division page for that park, which has lots of detailed information. To get back to this app, use Safari's "Back" button: <

• For money-saving tips on getting the most out of the NM parks system, tap the "*" Extras icon.

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Happy trails! —Andy Baird

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