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Going full-time: prologue

When I started getting interested in RVing more than five years ago, I knew it had a powerful fascination for me...but I had no idea where that would lead. If you had told me then that I'd be taking early retirement at 55, selling my home and traveling the country in a 22' motorhome, I'd have called you crazy.

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For one thing, I knew perfectly well that I couldn't afford to retire. I didn't have even a fraction of the money saved up that you're supposed to have. For another, I'm an unabashed materialist—I love all my books and movies and tools and toys—and the thought of packing up or getting rid of 95% of my belongings was, well, unthinkable.

And besides, how could I move from an 850 square foot apartment to a 150 square foot motorhome—one sixth the space, and not much bigger than some walk-in closets I've seen—without feeling cramped?

Nevertheless, five years later that's exactly what I'm doing...and this is the story of how I'm doing it. I intend to write candidly about what works and what doesn't. And if I find eventually that I don't care for life on the road, and go back to living in a "stick house"—well, you'll read about that here too. So let's get started on the Big Adventure...

(As always, you can click on any of the small photos in these pages to see a larger version.)

Latest news: The story of my transformation from occasional camper to fulltimer is now available as a full-color book! And be sure to check my new "Shameless Commerce" page for other useful and entertaining books, CDs and software.


1. The final week

2. Packing

3. Riding the roller coaster

4. The exit interview

5. The last day

6. The first day

7. Getting to work

8. The farewell party

9. Getting nervous

10. I love my friends!

11. What I learned

12. Regrets

13. A visit with my lawyer

14. Panic sets in

15. Going...going...gone!

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