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Full Time

From Camping to Full Time

Part of this website tells the tale of how I overcame certain obstacles (negligible savings) to retire early and become a fulltime RVer... a process that was quite a roller-coaster ride! Well, here's the story in book form, illustrated throughout with color photos. You probably wouldn't buy it for yourself—after all, you can read the story on this website for free—but if you know someone who's planning to become a fulltimer or has recently done so, "From Camping to Full Time" makes a perfect gift.

Learn moreA word about pricing: I know this book and "Quiet Waters" are expensive. I only make a dollar on each one sold, believe it or not. The rest goes to the publisher, Blurb. If I could make them less costly, believe me, I would.

"A 'must read' for anyone contemplating full-time RVing!"—Karen Zins

Quiet Waters

Quiet Waters

This small, full-color book is a dawn-to-dusk series of tranquil photos taken in my travels across the US. Just looking at these images will relax your mind and your body. "Quiet Waters" makes a great gift. If you're curious, you can even preview the first 15 pages.

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"Lovely, evocative... each page brings another favorite."—Gen Kazdin

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