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The Shameless Commerce Page

I retired on a very small income, and by keeping my expenses low, I've been able to live a modest but comfortable life as a full-time RVer. But what really keeps my finances in the black are the things on this page. I hope you'll find something here that you can use!

Amazon Associate


Let's start with a freebie. If you've found the information on my website helpful, if you've enjoyed the tales of my travels... you can support this site, and it won't cost you a cent. Here's how it works: click on this Amazon link and add it to your favorites or bookmarks. From then on, whenever you use my link to go to Amazon and shop, your cost will stay exactly the same, but I'll receive a small percentage (4%–6%) of Amazon's profits. In short, you can help me without spending a dime!

Full Time

From Camping to Full Time

Part of this website tells the tale of how I overcame certain obstacles (negligible savings) to retire early and become a fulltime RVer... a process that was quite a roller-coaster ride! Well, here's the story in book form, illustrated throughout with color photos. You probably wouldn't buy it for yourself—after all, you can read the story on this website for free—but if you know someone who's planning to become a fulltimer or has recently done so, "From Camping to Full Time" makes a perfect gift.

Learn moreA word about pricing: I know this book and "Quiet Waters" are expensive. I only make a dollar on each one sold, believe it or not. The rest goes to the publisher, Blurb. If I could make them less costly, believe me, I would.

"A 'must read' for anyone contemplating full-time RVing!"—Karen Zins

Quiet Waters

Quiet Waters

This small, full-color book is a dawn-to-dusk series of tranquil photos taken in my travels across the US. Just looking at these images will relax your mind and your body. "Quiet Waters" makes a great gift. If you're curious, you can even preview the first 15 pages.

Learn more

"Lovely, evocative... each page brings another favorite."—Gen Kazdin


State Parks

State Parks Guides for iOS
Every state park right in your pocket!

I use these apps and I like the authors, so I'm trading ads with them. (You'll find an ad for Eureka on their website.) — Andy

The goal of this growing series of apps is to provide all the most relevant information you will need for every state park in the US. Broken down state by state, each app is very well organized and easy to use. For each park you can view a description, see photos (and submit your own!), learn what activities are available, get directions, view the state-run website, find contact information, view and submit comments about the park, get current weather reports and forecasts, and more! In addition, each app will let you search all the parks in the state for something in particular, show you an interactive map of all the parks, and will determine how far you are from every park based on your current GPS location. Four more states are coming soon, as well as a new slideshow feature containing all the user-submitted photos, and Facebook integration, so you can show your friends your favorite parks. These apps are a must-have for anyone contemplating a stay at a state park, and at only $2 per state are a great deal.

$1.99 per state Learn more

"I love going to different state parks... so your app is perfect for me."—Jeffrey

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