RVing in 1937
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These articles, which appeared in 1937 issues of Popular Science magazine, give a good feeling for what RVing was like in those days. Surprisingly, the events described—from the friendly, helpful RVers to the guy driving away without disconnecting—are not so different from today's RVing experience! As a bonus, I've included prize-winning build-it-yourself trailer blueprints from the same issues, as well as a few ads.

A note about the author: Edwin Way Teale (1899-1980) was one of America's great naturalists, with 31 books to his credit. He and his wife Nellie were also enthusiastic travelers, both by car and by trailer. Teale's quartet of books "North With the Spring," "Journey Into Summer," "Wandering through Winter" (which brought him a Pulitzer Prize) and "Autumn Across America" chronicle 70,000 miles of cross-country wanderings.

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