SuperCard demos

Over the years I've occasionally built small demo projects to illustrate various points in SuperCard programming. Feel free to download these projects and steal my code! (Credit is appreciated, of course.) All projects require SuperCard 4.

Line graph demo This little project shows how to plot a line graph by setting the points of a polygon.
Line graph

Rubber-band line demo Here's how to have two graphics (as in an organization chart or flowchart) linked by a rubber-band line. As a bonus, this also contains a cute little trick that lets you create new vertices to a polyline on the fly!
Rubber-band line

Polygon demo Here's s demo of how to add vertices to a filled polygon wherever the user clicks.

SysIcon browser This utility lets you browse through all the installed system (MacOS) icons, and shows you what each one looks like. These icons can be assigned to icon buttons, so it's handy to know what you have to work with.
SysIcon browser

Raffle This is more a utility than a demo. I whipped it up for the Princeton Mac Users' Group's monthly meetings, which end with a raffle of software or hardware donated by members and companies. This program lets you specify the first and last ticket numbers (handy if you're using tickets on a roll), and it will never choose the same number twice.

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