SmartMedia memory cards

Last updated 9 January 2005

Let's get the bad news out of the way first: for practical purposes, the memory cards used by these older cameras are no longer commercially available. Your best bet is to go looking for a used one on the eBay auction site...and keep your fingers crossed.

Reader Chris Green suggests another possible source. It seems the keyboard/synthesizer maker Roland used 5V SM cards (Roland part number SM-4) in the following products:

  • Roland MC505
  • Roland JX305
  • Roland P30
  • Roland JP8080
  • Roland BOSS SP202

So you might want to look for "Roland SM-4" as well as searching for "5V SmartMedia". Thanks, Chris!

These cameras originally came with a 2MB SmartMedia memory card (sometimes called "SSFDC," for "Solid State Floppy Disk Card") that holds roughly twenty images in high-quality mode or forty in low-quality mode. They can also use 4MB cards that hold forty pictures. Larger cards don't work.

5V marking

IMPORTANT: there are two types of SmartMedia cards: 3.3V and 5V. The QuickTake 200, Fuji DS-7 and Kenox SSC-350N can use only the older 5V cards, which have been out of production for years. All SmartMedia-based cameras made in the past five years or so use the newer 3.3V cards, which will not work in the QuickTake 200 et al. In the photo at left you can just make out the marking stamped on the gold contact side of a 2MB SmartMedia card, indicating that it's the 5V ("-5") variety. If you should be lucky enough to find a 2MB or 4MB SmartMedia card for sale, make certain it's the 5V type before you buy!

SSFDC photo

Extra pix for free
Here's a tip from reader Stuart Cheshire that just might help you squeeze a few extra pictures out of whatever memory card you're using. Stuart found that when he formatted the card instead of erasing all the images, the camera reported five more images were available! Give it a try next time you want to erase a card—or with a card that you just bought. In Erase mode, choose "Format" instead of "All"...and you might just pick up a few extra shots.

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