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Last updated 23 December 1999

Raynox accessory lens

The QuickTake 200/DS-7 has a 5.7mm lens that's equivalent to a 38mm lens on a 35mm camera—a bit wide, but that's typical for a point and shoot camera. If you're looking for more variety in focal lengths, there are two accessory lenses available that I know about. Both are made by Raynox. One (Raynox model DSR-650) is labeled a .65x wideangle—that's equivalent to a 25mm lens on a 35mm camera—but from the sample images I've seen on David Dantowitz's site, it's really more of a fisheye—there's significant barrel distortion. However, David also has a spectacular QuickTime VR panorama that shows what can be achieved with this lens—take a look!

Raynox also makes a telephoto adaptor lens (model DSR-1500); it offers 1.5x magnification, which should bring the camera up to the equivalent of a 57mm lens—not exactly a long lens by normal photographic standards, but this should yield a more flattering perspective for portraiture. Philip Vieth found these at a small company called EDMA in Ontario, Canada. They have both lenses in stock for $69 each. But due to the current US/Canadian exchange rate, the cost in US dollars is only about $45! Look for DS-7 accessory lenses DSR-650 and DSR-1500 in their listing. Both lenses were designed for the Fuji camera, by the way, and require minor surgery to fit the Apple version, which has a slightly differently shaped logo. You can alter the lens clip, but a better route is to shave down the Apple logo a tad. That way you can use either lens without modification.

QuickTake 200 with filter attached Not satisfied with commercially available accessory lenses, Bret Harris went one step further: he made a simple modification to his QuickTake 200 that allows the use of any Series V filter or accessory lens. This opens up a whole range of creative possibilities! Bret describes his modification on his "QuickTime 200 Modifications" web page with a very well illustrated tutorial that shows how to add the filter adapter and exemplifies the kind of results you can get with it. Nice job, Bret!

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If you have tips or suggestions about either of these two cameras, or if you've found any accessories I haven't mentioned here, send email to Andy Baird so I can put the information on this page.

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