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Last updated 23 December 1999

The QuickTake 200 has a plastic lens with no cover; if you scratch it you can pretty much kiss your camera goodbye. The LCD screen, while less crucial, is also plastic and equally vulnerable. Throwing the unprotected camera into a purse or knapsack to rattle around with keys and hairclips is definitely not a good idea. Walmart and other stores sell a variety of inexpensive cases made for 35mm point-and-shoot cameras and "Gameboy"-style video games.

APS carrying case

Look for a case with a Velcro-secured flip top rather than a zippered opening—the latter take too long to get open and could cost you a shot. I found a very nice flip-top nylon case selling for $12 at Computer City recently that's great for digital cameras including the QuickTake 200/DS-7. It's Case Logic model CB-3, and includes a shoulder strap, belt loop and several small pockets for accessories. Bryan Harker spotted this bag selling for $9.99 at Target, so you might want to try there first.

Case Logic (800-467-0314 ) is known for their well-made carrying cases for personal stereo gear, and they have several models designed for digital cameras of varying sizes. In particular, their model DC-70 (about $20) is a slightly larger case that's worth a look if you plan to carry accessory lenses or lights with you. All of Case Logic's digital camera cases are shown on their website.

Apple used to sell a QuickTake 200 carrying case through their Apple Company Store (open to the public at Apple's Cupertino, CA campus). You can call them at 408-974-5050, but I'd be surprised if this item is still in stock, since the camera itself was discontinued almost two years ago.

For you rugged outdoors types, Patrick Vincent suggests checking your local sporting goods or department store for a hard-shell handgun case. These can be had for as little as $12 at stores like Walmart, and usually have foam liners that can be cut to fit your equipment. Excellent protection from hard knocks, low price—and room for all your cables, accessories and spare batteries to boot!

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If you have tips or suggestions about either of these two cameras, or if you've found any accessories I haven't mentioned here, send email to Andy Baird so I can put the information on this page.

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