Sugarite Canyon

Campsites: 42

Elevation: 7,800 feet

Nearest supplies: Raton 6 mi.

Nearest state parks:

Cimarron Canyon 64 mi. SW

Clayton Lake 102 mi. E

Coyote Creek 114 mi. SW


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Comments: The lower ("Lake Alice") campground has hookups. You'll need 'em, too, because this campground is heavily wooded, so you won't get much solar power. The upper ("Soda Pocket") campground is dry-camping only, but has superb views.

There's no Verizon cell phone signal with a 1' Wilson #301103 roof antenna and Wilson "blue box" booster amp. (Wilson Sleek amp? Not a chance.) But in 2013, using a Wilson #304411 directional antenna on an 18' pole and a #801212 booster amp, I was able to pull in a very weak but usable Verizon 3G signal. Bottom line: unless you have an exceptionally powerful amp and antenna setup, you won't find internet or phone service here.

(Note—name is pronounced "SHOO gah reet.")

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