Bluewater Lake

Campsites: 130

Elevation: 7,400 feet

Nearest supplies: Prewitt 21 mi.

Nearest state parks:

Manzano Mtns. 175 mi. E

Fenton Lake 183 mi. NE

Navajo Lake 187 mi. N


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Comments: There are some very pleasant hookup sites, though few of them have lake views. There are nice views from a few dry-camping sites overlooking the lake. Lakeside primitive camping is also available, but not recommended during the summer monsoon season, unless you enjoy being surrounded by a sea of mud.) Restrooms are reported to be in poor shape.

Verizon LTE (very fast) internet service is now available. It's only a one- or two-bar signal, but a Wilson Sleek cellular amp and antenna will bring it up to a strong, fast four bars.

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