These are some things I've made over the years. Most of the objects shown date to the seventies; I'll be adding more recent creations later.
Bathroom clock Brown bat Buick CG mosque CG pattern CG pillow
Bathroom clock.jpg Brown bat.jpg Buick.jpg CG mosque.jpg CG pattern.jpg CG pillow.jpg
Circular deco mirror Coin holder Couch Cube mirror Dog in satchel ER trivet
Circular deco mi... Coin holder.jpg Couch.jpg Cube mirror.jpg Dog in satchel.jpg ER trivet.jpg
Glass rocket Green loop mirror Laminated box 1 Laminated box 2 Laminated clock Layered stool
Glass rocket.jpg Green loop mirro... Laminated box 1.jpg Laminated box 2.jpg Laminated clock.jpg Layered stool.jpg
Layered stool 2 Mirror 1 Mirror 2 Mirror 3 Oak clock 1 Oak clock 2
Layered stool 2.jpg Mirror 1.jpg Mirror 2.jpg Mirror 3.jpg Oak clock 1.jpg Oak clock 2.jpg
Oak clock 3 Orange loop mirror Pear box Rainbow Ribbon mirror Rockola bank
Oak clock 3.jpg Orange loop mirr... Pear box.jpg Rainbow.jpg Ribbon mirror.jpg Rockola bank.jpg
Round blue box Snake dance Snowflake Sponge camera Wu-fu _brass_ Wu-fu _gypsum_
Round blue box.jpg Snake dance.jpg Snowflake.jpg Sponge camera.jpg Wu-fu_brass.jpg Wu-fu_gypsum.jpg