Updated 4/13/2015

Andy Baird

Hi! I'm Andy Baird. Welcome to Eureka, the online edition of my treasury of RV enhancements. If you're new to Eureka, this introduction will give you a little background.

I thought you might like to know where these ideas came from. I bought my first RV in 2001, and because it was an older model, I plunged right in and started upgrading and enhancing it. For me, that was half the fun of RVing! And as I made changes, I documented some of them on my "Travels with Andy" website.

After four years of vacationing in Gertie, I took the big plunge: retiring early, I became a full-time RVer. (I told that story on my website too, and if you've ever thought of going full-time, you might find it interesting.) Ever since then, I've been traveling around the US, enjoying the best time of my life. Like most fulltimers I've talked with, I only wish I'd done it sooner!

After a year and a half of fulltiming in my first rig, a 22' 1985 Lazy Daze motorhome, I knew enough about my wants and needs to buy a newer, larger 2003 rig, which I named "Skylark." I immediately set to work enhancing the new rig, including some fairly major projects like ripping out a couch and installing a wraparound desk in its place. Everything I did to both these rigs, and much more, is included in Eureka. (If you're curious, you can see what these rigs looked like before I started making improvements—the Gertie and Skylark guided tours show them in their original forms.)

Gertie and Skylark Although I haven't owned a trailer, most of what you'll find here applies to any RV, whether it's a motorhome, a travel trailer or a fifth wheel. I hope you'll get lots of good ideas from these pages... and I hope they'll inspire ideas of your own!

Finding your way around Eureka

Using this website is pretty simple. No matter where you are, a click on the Eureka banner at the top of the page will bring you back to the homepage. And the small text links just below the banner let you quickly jump to the Table of Contents, Index, or RVer's Glossary from any page. Keep in mind that most of the photos and drawings you see on these pages are linked to larger versions—all you have to do is click.

About the links

Throughout Eureka, I've included internet links to information and products that I've found useful. In general, I linked to the online source offering the lowest price, but it never hurts to do a Google product search and double-check. Unfortunately, as you probably know, internet sites change and links break... so over time, some of the links here will no doubt stop working. There's not much I can do about that, except correct them in the next edition of Eureka. If you spot a dead link, I'd be grateful if you'd drop me an email to let me know.

With a little help from my friends

In the fourteen years I've been RVing, I've been helped by literally hundreds of people who generously shared their RVing skills, knowledge and experience with this relative newcomer. When I look out the window at the beautiful surroundings I've enjoyed while writing Eureka, I can't believe how lucky I am to have had such good friends and mentors. There are far too many to thank individually, but I do want to thank my proofreaders, Susan Fain and Judie Ashford. Their eagle eyes made Eureka more accurate, more complete and most important of all, more understandable.

Support this website!

If you find the information here useful and you'd like to help keep Eureka going strong, there's something you can do to help—and it won't cost you a cent. Here's how it works: click on this Amazon link and add it to your favorites or bookmarks. From then on, whenever you use my link to go to Amazon and shop, your cost will stay exactly the same, but I'll receive a small percentage (4%–6%) of Amazon's profits. In short, you can siphon money from Amazon's pockets into mine, at no cost to yourself, with their blessing! Here's the link, spelled out:

—Andy Baird


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