Nikon 950 photos (1999)

Here are a few of the pictures I took in the first couple of days after getting my 2-megapixel Nikon 950--my first really good digital camera.

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Buffalo Springfield You may remember "Buffalo Springfield" as the name of a late-sixties rock group. But the group took its name from a steamroller made in Springfield, Ohio.
Buffalo Springfield nameplate Here's the Buffalo-Springfield Roller Company nameplate.
Iron wheel And here's a closeup of its massive iron rear wheel, rendered in classic black and white.
Cars Heckuva traffic jam, eh? But wait...take a look at the back row. What's that F16 fighter jet doing there? These are actually very detailed toys, photographed on a vendor's table at the huge Englishtown, NJ flea market.
Flags Also at Englishtown I found this display of colorful fabric flags.
Heidi regardant Of course I couldn't resist photographing my cats. This is Heidi, who died of cancer at age 14 a couple of years afte rthis picture was taken.
Heidi closeup The Nikon 950 can get really close, so I tried a super-closeup of Heidi's face.
Dime Here's an example of the 950's macro wizardry--no camera made can do better. Using the camera's built-in lens and flash--no add-ons!--I photographed this dime.
Sculling That same macro capability allows the 950 to copy 35mm slides without any auxiliary optics. Here's a Kodachrome I took at Princeton's Carnegie Lake back in the seventies.
(All pictures taken by Andy Baird with Nikon CoolPix 950 digital camera.)